Deborah & Jason Clement, Bessie Conner, Phil Femiani, Jennifer Hutchinson, Susan Lawson, Betty Lowney, Jane & Mickey Luchard, Kenny Moskalski, Charlotte Palmer, Julia Phillip , Jessica Smith , Josephine Smith, Barbara Sturtz, Lois Walton, Margaret Walton, Carolyn Yarr ington


Cancer: Justin Brabrand, Debra Carter, Edward Coates, Buster Davis, Amy Jackson, Leonard Otto, John H. Walton, Ed Moorcock

Surgery: Tyler Humphreys

Recuperating: Robin South, Michael Hilton, Hutch Hutchison, Jessie Walton

  • Grieving: The Haynes Family in loss of their loved one, Beverly Ann Haynes 

Victims of Natural disasters in both US and abroad.

Family members and friends of victims of recent school shootings.

The revival and renewal of The United Methodist Church

Those living amidst violence and disasters of natural and human origin, the locations of which are too many to list, but including Nepal, North Korea, Ukraine, South Sudan, Israel, Palestine, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, China, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Kenya, Somalia, and the countries of Western Africa.


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